Courses and workshops

Various courses and workshops are constantly being held in our astronomical center, we invite you to be part of this great opportunity to expand your knowledge with the help of great and renowned teachers.

List of courses and workshops

General information

Within its extension activities, the Department of Astronomy of the University of Chile has carried out since 2009 a cycle of
Astronomy Courses for the General Public, where it is not necessary to have previous knowledge.

This initiative aims to bring this exciting science and knowledge closer to the interested community, and is aimed at people over 14 years of age.

The courses are given by prestigious academics from the University of Chile and cover various topics related to Astronomy.

Course values

The value of the courses is $59.999 with discounts available for:

  • Tarjeta Vecino Municipalidad de Las Condes = $50.000
  • Ex student of DAS evening astronomy courses = $50.000
  • Adult over 65 = $50.000
  • Student value from other institutions = $50.000
  • Officials, academics and undergraduate student U. Chile = $40.000. more information (02) 2977 1091 or write us in our contact page