Chilean Telescope Allocation Committee

CNTAC is the interface between international telescopes and the Chilean astronomical community. The CNTAC also oversees the correct fulfillment of the agreements signed between the Universidad de Chile and international telescopes currently operating or planned to be operating in the country, and it is also responsible of the assignment of telescope time of these and other telescopes.

The Chair of the CNTAC is responsible of the correct operations of the CNTAC, and consults the Advisory Committee (AC) which is formed by representatives of the Chilean astronomical community.

The CNTAC issues a call for proposals twice a year with closing dates around April 15 and October 15 each year.

To this end, the Universidad de Chile twice a year organizes the Chilean Time allocation Committee (CNTAC). The CNTAC is formed by experts from the local community and from international observatories based in Chile.

Information regarding ESO expense coverages for Chilean observers

The CNTAC peer review process is transitioning into a dual-anonymous mode. In it, the review panel will not know the identity of the proposing team, requiring the PIs to anonymize their scientific and technical justification. In this pilot semester we encourage applicants to anonymize their proposals, but the requirement will not be enforced. In future semesters, proposals whose scientific justification is not anonymized may be rejected. Guidelines for proposal anonymization can be found in this link.

Semester 2024B

Important Dates

  • March 08, 2024: Release of Call for Proposals
  • April 05, 2024: Deadline for proposal submission (at noon).
  • May 6-7, 2024: CNTAC panel meetings.
  • TBD: Deadline for Fast Track proposal submission.

CNTAC Chair: Patricio Rojo (UCH)
CNTAC Coordinator: Andrea Mejías (CNTAC)
CNTAC Advsory Committee:  Marcio Catelán (PUC), Roberto Assef (UDP), Katherine Vieira (UDA), Julio Carballo (UTA)
Galactic panel Chair: Keiichi Ohnaka (UNAB)
Extragalactic panel Chair: Lucía Guaita (UNAB)


Where can I submit my proposals?

Proposals can be submitted to the CNTAC system at www.cntac.cl. This webpage accepts new proposals starting the following Monday after the release of the Call for Proposals.

If I'm a student, what do I need to apply?

Students included in the White List (https://sochias.cl/tiempo-de-observacion/lista-blanca/) may apply for telescope time. CNTAC encourages students to submit a support letter from their supervisor, although this letter is not mandatory for the proposal to be evaluated. However, if the requested data is crucial for the student’s thesis, it is required to include a brief explanation of the data’s relevance and the expected thesis defense date.

Do I need prior knowledge to operate the telescopes?

Some telescopes need prior training. We recommend referring to the Call for Proposals to learn about the specific requirements of each telescope.

Magellan Block Schedule 2024B

To be defined.