Nota Verbal Nº10033

Regarding Nota Verbal Nº10033, it clarifies the expense coverages from ESO to observers affiliated with Chilean institutions. 

ESO will provide the same coverage to observers affiliated with Chilean institutions from those astronomers that are part of the Member States of ESO. These coverages include travel expenses (air tickets from the airport closest to the observer’s institution to the airport closest to the observatory, transportation between the airport and the observatory), and also accommodation, and food expenses during the observation mission.

These expenses will be covered only for a single observer. In exceptional cases, ESO may cover the costs of a student as a second observer, who must directly participate in the observations, and when the observation lasts 3 continuous nights or more.

The processing of Chilean observer trips will be handled directly with the ESO Visiting Astronomer Travel Office via the e-mail vatravel@eso.org.

Lastly, all expenses related to any visit of a technical nature will be covered by the institution of the astronomer or any member of a technical team that goes to one of the ESO observatories.

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