Chemical and Physical Structure in Transition Disks



Exponente: Stefano Facchini
European Southern Observatory (ESO), Garching, Germany
Hora: 00:15 hrs.

High angular resolution observations of mm-bright protoplanetary disks are showing a broad variety of substructures, both in NIR scattered light and in mm continuum emission. In this talk, I will focus on the complementarity of (sub-)mm, NIR imaging and optical photometric observations of disks showing large cavities in the dust distribution, and thus prime targets to observe giant planets interacting with their natal environment. In particular, I will show and discuss new ALMA and VLT/SPHERE data showing substructures in transition disks in their density and velocity structure that are suggestive of planet (or binary)-disk interactions and on-going planet-formation. I will conclude showing how spatially resolved line surveys in these objects can link the secular dynamical properties of the systems with their chemical inventory, which is a key ingredient for the long term goal of connecting mature exoplanetary atmospheric abundances to the planet formation process.

Virtual room: https://uchile.zoom.us/j/81365909464?pwd=aFYva3JpSXZUYnd0Z3o2OVZ6OS9GQT09

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