Carolina Agurto


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Línea de investigación: Protostars, radiative transfer modeling, mm-sub(mm) observations

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My main research interests are the early stages of protoplanetary disks: from the dusty envelope characterization to how the dust grows through the disk. The gas and dust budget around young protostars plays a fundamental role in the process of planet formation, since these are the ingredients from which the planets are formed. In this context, I have been studying how early in the star and planet formation process the dust grains start to efficiently coagulate and evolve from micron-sized particles to pebbles and planetesimals. For that purpose, I have analyzed interferometric data from SMA, NOEMA, VLA and ALMA. Additionally, I developed SiDE (SimpleDisk-Envelope) a framework that produces synthetic dust maps using the radiative transfer tool RADMC-3D and fit thesynthetic observations to the data-sets using a Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) fitting routine.


Laura Pérez

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