Enrico Congiu


Formación y contacto

Línea de investigación: Ionized gas, interstellar medium, Star Forming Galaxies.

Área de interés

I am interested in the properties of the interstellar medium in nearby star-forming galaxies. In particular, I study H II regions, their properties, and their role in galaxy evolution. These structures are fundamental in the life of a galaxy because they lie at the interface between the small-scale physics of the interstellar medium and the large-scale galactic processes. I mostly work with optical integral-field data from the PHANGS-MUSE survey, a project aimed at mapping the star-forming disk of 19 nearby (D < 20 Mpc) star-forming galaxies with MUSE. Currently, I am developing a new algorithm to reliably classify emission-line nebulae using the complete spectral and spatial information obtained from MUSE data, a fundamental step to build a catalog of H II regions with as few contaminants as possible. Then, I will use this catalog to investigate the biases in measuring the metallicity of H II regions (and star-forming galaxies in general) that are probably causing what is known as the Abundancy Discrepancy Factor.


Guillermo Blanc